Peter Pan inspired Photo Shoot

This shoot was fun to put together, with the lighting, hair, make up and the costume. I did some research on Wendy to do a make up and hair look inspired by the original movie. It was important for me to still keep it modern though from her hair and make up to the decor in the room. I had fun setting this scene I used my room and changed things out a little. I tried to pay attention to the little details like bed linens and dresser and night stand props. The idea behind this shoot was an older Wendy who is still waiting for Peter Pan, she’s grown up quite a bit but there’s still that sense of childlike wonder to her. I hope you all enjoy this Disney inspired shoot, stay posted there’s more to come πŸ™‚

Hair & Make up: Myself πŸ™‚

Night gown: It was a vintage one my mom had

Props: Jewelry and nick-nacks are mine, books were also used in the Belle shoot, I used white twinkle lights for the lighting and Tinker Bell provided the pixie dust.



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