Fake Blow Out Trick

Go from flat dull ends to a bouncy faux blowout with no salon or blow dryer needed!DSC_0156 copy_edited-1.jpg

Blow outs look fabulous but unfortunately for most of us we don’t have the time to give ourselves one or have the money to go to a salon and get one done. However there’s a simple way you can achieve the same look right at home in no time at all!

Start with brushing out your hair (this style works best on already dry primarily straight hair) and parting how you normally would. After this I like to put a little Moroccan oil on my ends to help prevent any split ends (I use Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Moroccan oil treatment). After this I usually section off my hair to make the process go a little faster. Make sure your flat iron is heated to your desired temperature before you begin styling (mine was around 400, I have really thick hair so I usually go for a higher temperature).

This is the flat iron I use: Classic Forever HerStyler Flat Iron (It’s been my favorite for years, lasts a long time and is cheap around $20 on amazon)

DSC_0160 copy

Once your flat iron is ready to go begin with your sections straightening like you normally would (I found using smaller sections gives a more effective look). When you get to your ends turn the flat iron in so your ends are curling in slightly (You should only have to go over each section of hair once). Curling the ends in gives them a bouncy look very similar to a blow out and has so much movement. Continue the process until all hair is complete. After all the hair is styled I add a little more moroccan oil to my ends to give them back a little moisture then spritz with a little hair spray (I use Garnier Frutis Volumizing Anti- Humidity Hair Spray) and I’m good to go. Depending on your hair it’ll depend on the amount of time it takes to do, I think it only me about 10-15 minutes (I have a lot of hair).

DSC_0147 copy_edited-1.jpg

Moroccan Oil & Hair spray I use: LOVE this hair spray, smells great and gives lots of nice volume and hold but isn’t crunchy at all.

DSC_0143 copy.jpg


If you have very dry hair like me this is a good hair style because it lasts. It’s great to wake up the next morning and still have your hair looking as good as it did right after you styled it.

My Day 2 hair, style bouncy 🙂

DSC_0142 copy.jpg

Hope this is a helpful quick alternative to achieving a more time consuming look 🙂


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