First time with Falsies

So I’ve never tried false eye lashes before today, I watched several videos on youtube to see how it was done. One video was particularly helpful in tackling fake lashes that I found on YouTube.

Here’s the video:

After research I went to Walgreens and purchased these false lashes by Kiss these particular ones were the Feather Light Shy Lashes which were $4.39 and the lash glue by Dou in clear-white which was $6.99. These lashes were very reasonable price wise and had a very natural look that I thought would be good for my first time using them.

(Sorry I forgot to take a pic before I put on the lashes of the lashes in the box)

DSC_0171 copy.jpg


  1.  I put on my face make up like normal.
  2.  Once I got to my eyes I did my shadow and eyeliner but only put liner on the top to show off the lash line.
  3.  I paused before doing my mascara to take the lashes out of the box and measure them against my eye
  4.  I trimmed them to fit my eye better (trimming the side with the longer lashes)
  5.  I put on my mascara on my top lashes (best to apply mascara right before putting on lashes so the lashes are still a little wet)
  6. Put glue on the false lashes then waited 30 seconds for glue to set
  7. Put fake lashes on eye and wait for them to dry.
  8. once fairly dry (a few minutes later) I pinched the fake lashes and my real lashes together then curled with an eye lash curler. Then you’re all done 🙂


Here’s pictures of my normal lashes:

DSC_0125 copy

DSC_0142 copy


And here’s the results after the glue dried wearing the fake lashes

falsies2 copy.jpg

falsies4 copy.jpg

faslies3 copy

Over all I was very pleased with these false lashes, I liked how natural and wispy they were. Once the glue dried I didn’t even notice they were on. They were very wearable, and I definitely plan to try out different types and brands in the future.

Disclaimer: I did mess up on the first eye I did so I had to take it off and start over but the second time was the charm.

Removal: Super easy, just take a wash cloth and run it under fairly warm water (warmer the better) and place it over your eyes. The steam from the warm water in the wash cloth will loosen the glue and  make it easier to pull off. If they are still snug try warmer water and leave the wash cloth on a little longer.

If you haven’t tried false lashes I suggest it, it’s a lot of fun and gives such a cute a flirty flair to your look 🙂



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