The Real Look for Less

I’m a firm believer in smart shopping and in second hand clothing stores. Don’t get me wrong I’ll splurge at the mall from time to time if I see something I just have to have, but nothing feels better than getting more a little more bang for your buck.

I consider myself a shopping scavenger, I love finding little gems when I hit up my usual second hand stores like Goodwill, Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. I’ve found so many great pieces of clothing at these stores even entire outfits! You shouldn’t always have to pay full retail price when you can get some awesome and very similar clothing items for a fraction of the price. I’m not saying you need to only shop at these stores because frankly thats unrealistic but buying a few pieces and mixing them in with your wardrobe will save you some money.

 I love combining the things I’ve bought at retail stores with stuff I’ve purchased from the second hand shops, it’s great way to update your wardrobe and keep things fresh without breaking the bank.  Here are some outfits that I put together that are either primarily or entirely from second hand shops. 



Second hand: Skirt, belt


Second hand: High waisted jean short, crop top


Second Hand: Romper


Second Hand: Top and jeans


Second hand: High waisted light wash jeans

(These jeans were a great find because I love the detail with X belt loops)


Second hand: Top, shorts

 This goes to show that getting stylish looks for less money is very possible! Next time you’re passing by a second hand shop stop in and take a look you could come across some great finds. Good luck and happy shopping 🙂

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