7 ways to wear nude heels this fall!


Hey everyone,

So for this video I made for my YouTube channel I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to incorporate heels (specifically nude) into your wardrobe and how each outfit can be worn for so many occasions. I think its awesome how heels can add such a classy flair to an outfit and how it can dress any outfit up a little bit. I’m all about affordable fashion so all of these outfits are very affordable so you can get these looks whatever your budget may be.

Here’s the video, please check it out and subscribe! 🙂

Outfit Details:

Heels – JustFab Mavvis pumps in nude

Outfit #1

Skirt forever 21
Shirt – Zara Basic Collection – France
Earrings – Charlotte Russe
Bracelet – Francesca’s

Outfit #2
Dress – Charlotte Russe
Scarf – Zara – France
Earrings- Couldn’t remember (Pretty sure I got them at Francesca’s though)

Outfit #3
Shirt – Zara – France
Jeans- American Eagle
Necklace – boutique in Grand Turk
Bracelets – Alex & Ani
Earrings- Marshall’s

Outfit #4
Shirt- Target
Jeans- Forever 21
Necklace- Francesca’s
Watch- Juicy Couture
Earrings – Francesca’s

Outfit #5
Shirt- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Michael Kors
Watch- Kate Spade
Earrings – Pearls

Outfit #6
Shirt- Hollister
Jeans- Target
Earrings – Marshalls

Outfit #7
Shirt- Goodwill ☺
Jeans- Target
Necklace- Francesca’s
Earrings- Charlotte Russe


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